Kidney Stone Facts

Kidney stones can cause serious damage, and, if left untreated, may require surgery. Even after the pain has subsided, kidney stones can reoccur. Any of these sysmptoms could be a sign you have one or more kidney stones.

  • Sudden, severe pain in the back, side, abdomen, groin, or genitals that may get worse in waves and can be extremely intense.
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Blood in the urine caused by stones remaining in the kidney or traveling through the ureters
  • Frequent and painful urination, which may occur when the stone is in the ureter or after it has left the bladder and is in the urethra.

If you have kidney stones and are looking for an all-natural solution Vesipür is the answer you are looking for. Vesipür offers you a much safer option by letting you pass kidney stones naturally. This safe and effective treatment helps you stop the suffering now and prevent future kidney stones, all without exposing you to further risks, which many traditional treatments do.

How Vesipür Works So Fast

Vesipür contains powerful natural painkillers that are fast acting and start working right away to help reduce the pain and discomfort of kidney stones. Vesipür can start to provide relief in as little as a few hours through four therapeutic actions:

    Vesipür helps reduce stone size by working on the surface of the stone to dissolve it quickly and effectively. Vesipür�s ingredients also help soften the stone so it can break up fast and more efficiently.
    Vesipür contains three different diuretics that act in different ways to help cleanse and flush the kidneys once the stone has been broken up to small pieces.
    Vesipür helps protect the kidneys and urinary tract from infection and damage by strengthening the urethra lining.
    Vesipür has the capacity to prevent the formation of kidney stones by lowering excess concentrations of oxalate, phosporus and magnesium in renal tissue.

Safe, Effective, All-Natural Ingredients

The Vesipür formula is shown to be safe and effective through clinical
studies and is recommended by healthcare professionals. Vesipür

Buchu Leaves. They contain bioflavanoids that support your immune system to prevent infection. Buchu leaves have also been known tp help with the treatment of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. They can be a useful urinary antiseptic, providing relief particularly for burning during urination, and have diuretic properties.
Stonebreaker Leaves (Phyllantus Niruri). This ingredient has been clinically proven to prevent the formation of kidney stones. It has been shown to interfere with many stages of stone formationo, reducing crystals aggregration and modifying their structure and composition, as well as altering the interaction of the crystals with tubular cells leading to reduced subsequent endocytosis. Clinical beneficial effects include ureteral relaxation, helping to eliminate calculi, and reducing the excretion of urinary crystallization promters such as calcium.
Celery Seed Extracts. These extracts are used as a diuretic, increasing urine output to help rid the body of excess water. Their exceptional diuretic action not only promotes the flow of urine and uric acid excretions from the kidneys, helping to flush kidney stones and gravel, but also provides antiseptic properties that ease urinary inflammation and benefits the overall health of the urinary tract.
Uva Ursi Leaves. This herb may reduce inflammation in the urinary tract due to infection and may soften kidney stones, according to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine.In addition, the herb�s diuretic effects increase urine flow through the kidneys, which can dilute urine concentration and possibly prevent future stone development.
Marshmallow Root. This root contains mucilages that soothe and protect tissues which become irritated and inflamed. These mucilages form a coating along the urinary tract to protect against damage from the passing kidney stone.
Parsley Leaf Extract. Parsley is known as a natural diuretic, and the increased blood flow of fluids through the kidneys as urine production and output increases may have a cleansing effect on the kidneys as bacteria and germs are flushed out.
Crataeva Nurvala Extract. Its active ingredient is believed to be Lupeol, a powerful alkaloid. Lupeol is widely used to treat urinary disorders, including kidney stones. Laboratory research has verified Lupeol�s capacity to prevent formation of kidney stones, apparently by lowering excess concentrations of oxalate, phosphorus and magnesium in renal tissues.
Shilajit (Aspheltum) Bituminousi Mineral. Shilajit assists in toning up the kidneys and urinary bladder, making it very powerful in eradicating any troubles in pertaining to the excretory program. It is one of the finest diuretic agents, beneficial in expelling toxins from the body.

90-Day No Risk Money-Back

Vesipür has been scientifically formulated by healthcare professionals for two reasons - getting to the root of what causes kidney stone formation, and helping you find relief from kidney stones. We are confident that we have developed the best natural kidney stone treatment that we back it with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Put Vesipür and our guarantee to the test by trying it today. All we ask is that you give Vesipür a fair shot and try it for 30 days. If it does n�t provide you relief from all your kidney stone symptoms, we will refund your money. No hassles, no questions, no exceptions - just your money back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vesipür?

A safe and natural therapy to eliminate kidney stones and prevent future occurence, helping relieve severe pain without the risk of traditional treatments.

What causes kidney stones?

Kidney stones form as a byproduct of digestion. When your body digests food, it produces many substances, including oxalate, calcium, and uric acid. Sometimes the body is not able to process these substances and they accumulate and form crystals. These crystals can then join together and form kidney stones.

Why do some people get kidney stones and others don�t?

While the exact causes of kidney stones are not fully understood, some factors are known. They are more common in young and middle-aged adults than in the elderly, and more prevalent among men than women. Medical evidence suggests that drinking too few liquids can increase the risk for forming kidney stones because dehydration concentrates the minerals in the urine and makes crystal formation easier. This could explain why people in hot climates have a higher occurence of kidney stones than those in cooler climates. Ultimately though, the cause or causes of kidney stones cases is usually undetermined and is most likely due to a combination of hormonal and genetic factor.

How can I avoid getting kidney stones?

The best defenses are natural. Staying hydrated may help you avoid kidney stones. But if you develop them, Vesipür can reduce stone size naturally, so you can pass them with little or no pain. Vesipür will also help keep stones from forming, so you can prevent kidney and urinary tract damage and severe pain.

How long does it take for Vesipür to work?

While results may vary from person to person as with any supplement, Vesipür can start to provide relief in as little as a few hours.

How long does a bottle of Vesipür last?

Each bottle of 60 capsules provides one full month of therapy at the recommended dosage of two capsules a day.

About PurMedica Nutritional Science

Vesipür is one of the most advanced products from PurMedica Nutritional Science, an industry leader in natural supplements. Our neutraceutical products set new standards within the industry for effectiveness, safety, and consistency.

The PurMedica balanced approach to health and wellness combines the wisdom of nature with the power of science by integrating the advantages of both the orthodox and alternative medicine. From the start, our mission has been to enhance the physical wellbeing of our clients by offering superior natural supplements that are both safe and highly effective. In addition, we are commited to promoting our products in an accurate, honest and helpful manner.

When you order from us, you can rest assured that you are purchasing from one of the most trusted names in natural kidney stone treatment.

"Vesipür definitely does what it says it will do."

"My doctor told me I had kidney stones and prescribed a pain med that caused severe side effects. Natural remedies are just about the only thing that help me with anything, so I decided to give Vesipür a try as I had already used some of the ingredients listed and knew they worked. After the first week I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt, and pain levels from debilitating to walking again. I definitely don�t want to be without it ever!

Stacy G., Bricknell, FL

"I have not had a kidney stone since I began taking Vesipür."

"When I had my first kidney stones, I went to a doctor and he put me on a prescription drug to help reduce the pain. I had a very bad reaction to that, and wanted to find natural remedies to fight this problem. I learned about Vesipür and the results were fantastic. When given the option of taking a drug for the rest of my life, or taking a natural product, the choice was a no-brainer for me. I�m taking Vesipür!

Gale S., Fort Wayne, IN

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"Vesipür has been a double blessing for me because there are no side effects. I am thrilled I am not bothered by kidney stone pain in my back any more. It surely did work for me - what a miracle!"

Thomas R., Taunton, MA

"Thank you for the your effective medicine."

"I�m pleased to inform you that my pains caused by my kidney stones have already disappeared within the last two bottles."

John S., Portland, OR

"What a wonderful pill you have!"

"I ordered Vesipür for my son who was in such agony because of his kidney stones. We are amazed! Within a few days he was walking around like nothing was wrong. I cannot thank you enough for your help."

Joyce M., Fairdale, KY

"I�m able to eat and drink what I want without having to worry."

"I use Vesipür daily and could n�t be more pleased with this product. I�m always on the go and can�t afford to be slowed down by kidney stones. I�ve already told two coworkers who suffer from kidney stones about your products and they are feeling a difference!"

Jose M., Lemoore, CA

"I was totally taken aback after taking just one dose."

"I had a large kidney stone stuck on the wall of my kidney and lithotripsy did n�t work. One of the medical professionals suggested I try holistic treatment, and I looked you up. The second day I stopped bleeding completely and the pain symptoms started to subside. I am completely satisfied."

Wendy Z., Houston, TX

"Why didn't my urologist tell me about this amazing product?"

"I found out about Vesipür from a good friend who knew I was having difficulty with side effects from prescription medicine my urologist prescribed. Now that I�m taking Vesipür daily, I am so much happier."

Renee T., Dunwoody, GA

"Four stars for this terrific solution to my kidney stones!"

"Vesipür worked so well for me that I believe it merits the highest rating possible. It worked quickly, effectively, without any unpleasant effects. Not only did my pain subside, but also my kidney stone dissolved and passed without any problem. Anybody who has kidney stones absolutely has to try this product and be amazed like I was at the fast relief it provides."

Mark W. Richmond, VA

"It relieved my discomfort in practically no time."

"I was being bothered by horrible back pain, burning during urination and blood in my urin, and was desperate to find relief. I came across Vesipür online, and thought I'd give it a try as there was a money-back gaurantee. I am so glad I did, because my pain started going away the very first week."

Arthur C., Warren, OH

"I saved myself a lot of money using Vesipür."

"Compared with what I would have paid on hospital treatments, using Vesipür at home was more affordable and certainly as fast and effective as any treatment could possibly be."

Kelly I., Issaquah, WA

"How wonderful to find an all-natural solution."

"I'm normally skeptical about ordering products over the internet, but after seeing how well Vesipür works, I'm a believer! I'm also recommending Vesipür to everyone I know who's suffering from kidney stones."

Susan D., Jefferson City, MO



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